The Partner Club App created by the GOLF CITIZEN team is a custom-built mobile app for its Partner Clubs. It gives anyone direct access to the golf club and allows them to make tee time bookings, view course information, find location to the club and many more. We create and maintain our partner club apps on the iOS App Store and Android Play Store for FREE.

Features of the Partner Club App (Version 1):

  • Book Tee-times at the Club and supports clubs with multiple courses
  • Provide information about the club through Club information, Amenities and Course Information sections in the app.
  • Provides contact and location information to the club
  • Allow GOLF CITIZEN users and associated club members to login and book tee times at respective GOLF CITIZEN or Member rates
  • All information displayed on the partner club app can be updated real-time, directly by the club
  • Updates and customisation will be made to the apps to include more features from time to time
  • The app will be maintained on the App Store or Play Store for FREE as long as the club remains an active partner on the GOLF CITIZEN network and maintains tee-times on the GOLF CITIZEN platform

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